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TDWI Modern Data Architectures: Cloud, Integration, and Implementation Seminar


Building an Actionable Roadmap for the Cloud

November 18, 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: One Day Course

Prerequisite: None

John O'Brien


Radiant Advisors

Architecture transformations and cloud migrations should not be viewed as risky, costly programs occurring merely for the sake of migrating to the cloud. When focused on the value propositions of enterprise analytics while leveraging cloud-native architecture and following new best practices, each phase of the cloud migration roadmap can be highly optimized and agile for impactful strides aligned with business priorities and transformation. Devising a cloud architecture roadmap is specific to every organization and influenced by a set of guiding agile architecture principles, and when done properly the result is an actionable roadmap of minimum viable projects that is compelling for business sponsorship and support.

It is necessary to be able to articulate the cloud architecture roadmap for executives and sponsors to gain support for the vision and its value to the organization. Executive briefings must set proper expectations and answer questions related to costs, timelines, and ROI. The actionable roadmap needs to account for assessing the organization’s current skills and experience in order to create plans that address training, new process development, and culture change over time to ensure enterprise adoption. Day three will help you build and sell the cloud architecture roadmap to your executives.

You Will Learn

  • How to deliver value with enterprise self-service data analytics strategies
  • How to deliver value with enterprise data science and machine learning
  • How to build an actionable architecture roadmap based on business priorities
  • How to estimate ROI when calculating hybrid cloud billing
  • A strategy for resources, skills, and process development
  • Recommendations for building an executive briefing for cloud adoption and culture change

Geared To

  • Enterprise architects, database administrators, data integration architects, data engineers, analytics leaders, CEO/CDO/CIOs, and anyone seeking to understand how to unlock enterprise analytics with cloud platforms

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