TDWI Nashville Seminar

TDWI Data Governance Fundamentals

June 13, 2018

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Jonathan G. Geiger


Executive Vice President

Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

We depend on data every day to keep records, produce reports, deliver information, monitor performance, make decisions, and much more. The data resource is on par with financial and human resources as a core component of doing business, yet data management practices are often quite casual. Data governance brings the same level of discipline to data management as is used when managing financial and human resources.

Building a data governance program is a complex process that focuses people, processes, policies, rules, and regulations to achieve specific goals for a managed data resource. Successful and effective data governance depends on clear goals and well executed activities that match governance practices to your organization’s needs, capabilities, and culture. You need a continuously evolving program to keep pace with trends such as cloud services, big data, and agile development. This course provides the fundamental understanding of data governance concepts and techniques essential to start a new governance program or evolve an existing one.

You Will Learn

  • Definitions and dimensions of data governance
  • Key considerations and challenges in building a data governance program
  • The practices, roles, skills, and disciplines essential to data governance
  • The qualities that make good data stewards and stewardship organizations
  • The processes of developing, executing, and sustaining data governance
  • Activities, issues, and options when building a data governance program
  • How maturity models are applied for data governance
  • The importance of adapting data governance for trends such as big data, cloud services, and agile development methods

Geared To

  • Data quality and data governance professionals
  • BI/DW managers, architects, designers, and developers
  • Data stewards, data architects, and data administrators
  • Anyone with a role in data governance or data quality management

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TDWI Nashville Seminar

MicroTek Training Center
220 Athens Way
Suite 150
Nashville, TN 37228
June 11–13


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