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TDWI Data Science Bootcamp

A TDWI Certificate Track

Virtual Classroom
June 6–8, 2022
9:00am – 5:00pm CT

Dean Abbott

Dean Abbott

Smarter HQ, Inc.

Join the thousands who have already completed the TDWI Data Science Bootcamp and earn a certificate. Learn the skills and tactics you need for success with data science in your organization.

TDWI’s Data Science Bootcamp lays the groundwork for your journey to become a data scientist. This three-day intensive learning experience covers all the aspects of data science—from its impact on your organization to the role of the data scientist. From targeting a business challenge to preparing data to building analytic models and interpreting results to delivering insights to the business, this Bootcamp provides end-to-end coverage of what it takes to succeed as a data scientist.

Attend all three days and earn a certificate.

  • Monday, June 6

    Data science has been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century” and with good reason—the size and breadth of our data is growing exponentially, making the ability to understand that data more and more challenging. This course provides a complete overview of the data science process and drills into detail on key tasks that occur before analytic model-building begins.

    A project-oriented framework is used to introduce the discipline of data science, placing activities in the context of business value and covering key concepts every data scientist needs to know. Each project must define objectives, collect and integrate data, prepare it for analysis, perform the analysis, and deploy the results.

  • Tuesday, June 7

    At its core, data science leverages machine learning and statistics-based algorithms to find patterns in data. The second day of the TDWI Data Science Bootcamp covers the most commonly used algorithms in data science, providing overviews of what they are and how they find patterns—without an in-depth treatment of the mathematics.

    You will learn how to match these common algorithms to analytics objectives and best practices to ensure they lead to business results. We will explore similarities and differences between the algorithms, what types of patterns each can find most easily, and which patterns are more difficult for each to uncover. You will learn how data preparation and feature creation (from day one) influence the accuracy of your results.

  • Wednesday, June 8

    During the final day of the TDWI Data Science Bootcamp, you will learn how advanced modeling techniques can be layered on top of the foundational machine learning algorithms (covered on day two), and how model interpretation is extended accordingly. Demonstrations will show how to build and interpret these advanced models using actual examples.

    An extensive overview of model ensembles will cover principles and practices and a variety of specific techniques. You will also be exposed to algorithms that are frequent winners of international modeling competitions such as random forests and gradient boosting machines. You will learn about sampling and re-sampling strategies, interpretation of complex models, randomization experiments to build and interpret models, and advanced feature creation approaches.

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3-Day Certificate Unlocked

9:00am – 5:00pm CT

Dean Abbott
Cofounder/Chief Data Scientist
Smarter HQ, Inc.
Monday, Jun. 6
TDWI Data Science Bootcamp: Data Science Processes and Data Preparation
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Tuesday, Jun. 7
TDWI Data Science Bootcamp: Supervised and Unsupervised Modeling
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Wednesday, Jun. 8
TDWI Data Science Bootcamp: Advanced Predictive Modeling
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PLEASE NOTE: Webcam use is required during the seminar for all participants. Virtual seminar participants will receive all course material via a digital library. Digital materials cannot be printed, but access will not expire, and materials can be accessed both online and offline.


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