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Building Your Company's Data Strategy

A TDWI Certificate Track

Virtual Classroom
June 12–14, 2023
9:00am – 5:00pm CT

Building Your Company's Data Strategy

June 12, 2023

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Central Time CT

Prerequisite: None

Evan Levy



Integral Data, LLC

Are you drowning in data? You might have on-premises and cloud systems generating oceans of data and have invested in analytics tools to convert it into information—and yet still struggle to find the data you need, use the data you have, and understand the resulting insights.

What you need is a plan.

Although most people agree that data is a corporate asset, there is little discussion about how companies are ensuring that data is being managed and used effectively. The technology team has an application architecture, a platform architecture, standard tools, and a scrum-based development method. The business has application plans, DevOps teams, iterative development, and terabytes of hidden data copies. Every activity is an individual project, a single-point solution, independent of everything else. There are no economies of scale, no plan ensuring team members can use and share data or that business users can become self-sufficient with data.

To deliver value from your data, you need a BI and analytics roadmap that aligns to business priorities, and a data strategy that supports that roadmap. You need a strategy that supports all your stakeholders and focuses on data usage, sharing, and delivery—not just tooling, technology, and platforms.

A successful data strategy isn’t just about data management or governance methods. A successful data strategy aligns with the company’s business goals, supports business execution details, and aligns with the analytics and data sharing needs of the company.

In this class, Evan Levy will outline the steps and walk you through the activities that go into building a comprehensive data strategy that will help you compete with BI and analytics.

This workshop includes activities where attendees will develop initial planning details to support their own custom data strategy development effort.

You Will Learn

  • Roadmap artifact and activities
  • The common issues and needs that reflect the need for an analytics/data plan
  • Activities for gathering user needs and requirements
  • Managing and prioritizing needs using an analytics portfolio
  • The strengths and challenges of different development methods (agile, iterative, waterfall, etc.)
  • Identifying the core technology components of the environment
  • Organizational roles and responsibilities involved in an analytics and data initiative
  • Constructing a corporate data strategy
  • Concepts and terminology
  • The 5 key components of a data strategy
  • Aligning the strategy with your company’s goals and priorities
  • Discussing the key tactical enablers that can elevate the visibility of a data strategy initiative
  • Identifying the stakeholders and determining their role in supporting the strategy
  • Suggested approaches and techniques for conducting stakeholder interviews along with sample questions
  • The analysis and construction activities involved in building your company’s data strategy
  • Understanding the alternatives and determining the best fit for your company

Geared To

  • CIOs and chief data officers
  • Program managers
  • Data governance staff
  • Data management staff
  • Business/data analysts
  • Data stakeholders
  • Business sponsors

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