TDWI Costa Mesa Seminar

Data Privacy and Protection for Analytics

March 7, 2018

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Evan Levy



Integral Data, LLC

As the value of data has grown, issues of protection, privacy, and liability have become top of mind. For many years, companies were able to acquire, collect, and use customer and other personal information without concern for rules, laws, and liabilities. That’s no longer the case.

Most businesspeople think little about their company’s responsibilities in retaining customer data to support business decision making. Unfortunately, frequent data misuse and theft has created the need for companies to reexamine their approach to data security. In addition, new laws around the world focused on data protection, privacy, and responsibility are creating new challenges in data usage and business analytics. The day is quickly approaching when companies will need to be able to manage and track data usage, data location, and customer consent.

During this class, Evan Levy will discuss the details of data privacy and protection, and will review the activities that go into supporting a data privacy and protection initiative in your analytics environment.

You Will Learn

  • Key concepts of data privacy and protection
  • The impact of data privacy on an existing analytics environment
  • An approach to integrating data privacy and protection into a data lifecycle
  • The phases and activities involved with data privacy/protection initiative
  • The stakeholders and participants of a data protection initiative

Geared To

  • Chief data officers, program/project managers, business sponsors, BI/analytics developers, data architects, data management staff

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