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Advanced Dimensional Modeling: Techniques for Practitioners

Duration: Two Day Course

Prerequisite: This course assumes a basic understanding of dimensional modeling concepts, techniques, and terminology.

Course Outline

Introductory dimensional data design courses are great for learning the basics. But the examples they show are relatively simple designs consisting of a single fact table, fully additive facts, and single-hierarchy dimensions. Unfortunately, the real world is not as simple as the models that are needed to teach the basic concepts. The novice designer of data warehouses and data marts quickly encounters situations that simply do not fit neatly into basic dimensional design theory.

This course takes you beyond the basics to learn proven techniques to address many of the complexities you will encounter in practice. From multiple fact tables to dimensional complexity, you’ll gain techniques learned through experience and used by the experts to match data designs to business realities, to implement highly complex data models, and to work with very large data volumes.

You Will Learn

  • The real-world challenges that make dimensional modeling in practice more complex than as presented in theory
  • Alternatives for and extensions to transaction-based fact table design
  • Alternatives and extensions to address dimension complexity
  • Design techniques to address growth, change, and scalability
  • How to evaluate alternatives and make informed design choices

Geared To

  • Data modelers, Data warehouse and data mart designers, BI reporting and information delivery developers, anyone who participates in the design process

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Tim Grieb
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Sean Dewulf
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