TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: How to Make Happy Data Scientists—The Care and Feeding of Your Data Science Team

November 13, 2018

Jodi Blomberg

Managing Director, Analytic Strategy

Charles Schwab

Finding and keeping data science talent is no small task in today's market. Building a diverse team while dealing with these challenges can feel daunting, but diversity can be your secret weapon. Recruiting and retaining analytics talent requires a variety of approaches, from your recruiting strategy to how you make project assignments.

This presentation will cover ways to recruit and retain the best talent, based on my experience working in and managing analytics teams as the data science function grows. Increasing your talent pipeline requires effort and we will cover some strategies for increasing your talent pool.

Once your data scientists are in the door, retention strategies should start right away. We will talk through strategies to keep your data scientists engaged, including diversity of assignments, understanding the impact of their work, and forming strong, collaborative, diverse teams to drive innovative solutions. The talk will also include real-world examples of the types of problems we are trying to solve and how we use those to engage our data science teams.

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