TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

KEYNOTE: (Re)Emerging Technology: How History Helps Us Make Sense of Progress Toward New Technologies

November 12, 2018

Mark Madsen

Global Head of Architecture


The first person to conceive of something is usually not actually the first. They're the first to re-conceive of it at a point where the current technology has caught up to someone else's idea. Databases are perennial reinventions of the past. AI has come and gone(and come and gone) and is back for a third time. We're at a point in the market where many old ideas are being rediscovered.

This presentation will review the emerging technologies we hear about and reframe them with ideas from the past. Some of these technologies will turn out to be repetitions destined to fade again, some are reimagined in a new context, some are actually new. It’s not just technology that echoes the past—so do practices, methods, and organizational structures.

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TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

Walt Disney World® Swan Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL
November 12–13


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