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CASE STUDY: Using Visual Analytics to Optimize the Identification and Prevention of Drug Abuse Events in a Hospital Setting

November 12, 2018

Caroline Gay

Associate Vice President of Analytics

Lakeland Regional Health

Ray Ready

Director of Analytics

Lakeland Regional Health

Controlled substance abuse is currently a rampant epidemic in the United States with the incidence of overdoses at an all-time high. The abuse results from the transferring of controlled substances from a legal, medical use to an illicit one (drug diversion) and is augmented by ease of access and more powerful synthetic versions of drugs. This creates a perfect storm that all hospitals must address in order to be accountable for and to improve the safety of their patients and of the community at large.

Lakeland Regional Health has implemented a zero-tolerance policy on drug diversion and has enabled practitioners to more efficiently identify and prevent these events by developing advanced visual analytics tools to help win the battle against drug diversion. This solution combines discrete pharmacy dispense, administration, waste, and return event data from within the electronic health record system with employee location data to monitor activity and detect anomalous activity.

The resulting framework is deployed and interacted with visually on an enterprise analytics platform, allowing floor managers, risk/compliance team members, and others to quickly spot outliers and target their investigations into potential drug diversion events in a more efficient manner. Appropriate actions are then taken to protect patient and employee safety. Come discover what is possible with visual analytics in a modern data warehouse environment.

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