TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: Moving Beyond the What – to the Why and How – by Harnessing Unstructured Data Sources

May 8, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Allison Lazar

Director of Data Strategy

Frontpoint Security Solutions

Operational metrics typically focus on the what; demonstrating current performance against a target. This is helpful for identifying what an organization needs to address. To determine how to resolve an issue you often need to get a deeper understanding of the why. This data can often be buried in a non-ideal format for analysis. I will use a call center case study to explain how we are tackling the problem at Frontpoint. We will discuss the use of unstructured data to understand and explain the drivers responsible for the what of the operational metrics.

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TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

Chicago Hilton
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May 7–8


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