TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

KEYNOTE: Warehouses, Lakes, Clouds, Open Source, IoT, and Analytics: New Technical Architectures that enable new Business Innovations

May 7, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Senior Research Director


Data, its management, its platforms and tools, and its uses by organizations are all evolving and proliferating at a rapid pace. For many organizations, the changes are driving up the scale, scope, complexity, and hybrid architectures of modern data ecosystems. Yet, the changes also present new opportunities for data management professionals and their business counterparts who are willing and able embrace new data-driven practices, especially those for big data and advanced analytics.

This presentation provides an overview of current trends in data, its management, and its innovative leverage by the business– all drawn from recent research at TDWI. The point is to get the audience ready for the summit’s numerous speakers, panels, and roundtables, so that attendees can get the most value from the summit.

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TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

Chicago Hilton
Chicago, IL
May 7–8


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