TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: Navistar – A Data-Driven, IoT Innovator

May 7, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Ashish Bayas

Chief Technology Officer


A leader is far more than just a title; a leader drives vision, improved teamwork, and productivity throughout the organization. By aligning their own values and vision with those of their organization, great leaders can help cultivate committed employees, drive job satisfaction, and systematically prepare and operationalize the business for the future. A leader is someone who not only adapts easily to change in the business environment but also helps drive that change.

Here at Navistar, we have taken a 185-year-old manufacturing company and—with a combination of vision, technological innovation, and strong leadership—built a technology-based company offering new products, applications, and services driven by data from hundreds of thousands of IoT devices streaming data from across North America. How have we managed to achieve this in just four short years, all the while going through some very challenging times as an organization? Two words: Leadership and Vision.

Leaders who deliberately nurture an environment of trust, respect, and team spirit build stronger employee performance and loyalty, which then leads to exceptional customer service and ultimately greater business results.

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TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

Chicago Hilton
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May 7–8


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