TDWI Anaheim Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: Telling the United Way Story: Demonstrating Results Through a New Business Intelligence Portal

August 7, 2018

Lisa Bowman

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

United Way Worldwide

United Way is the largest privately funded nonprofit organization in the world, raising $5 billion annually to serve 61 million people through a federation of 1,800 affiliates. Recently United Way underwent a brand refresh to reframe its story, and it became increasingly important for the organization to demonstrate results with comprehensive analytics. To that end, United Way created a self-service portal using massive amounts of performance data and research. This portal provides a highly engaging and interactive environment in which affiliates can visualize key drivers of performance, share best practices, and create custom dashboards and scorecards. This new technology empowers 13,000 employees of varying technology skills and capabilities with the ability to drive business performance and ultimately better serve communities around the world.

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TDWI Anaheim Leadership Summit

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