TDWI Anaheim Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: Data, Platform, and People Strategy for Analytics at HP Inc.

August 6, 2018

Arvind Rao

Senior Director and Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics

HP Inc.

Swapna Tom

Lead Architect - Enterprise Data Analytics

HP Inc.

At HP, we are transforming business intelligence and analytics with a three pronged strategy: data, platform, and people.

On the data side, we understand that a single source of truth applied to relatable subject areas can transform into powerful analytical insights. Hence, getting the data at speed into a central data lake and subsequently cataloging it has become top priority.

On the platform side, we use a set of guardrail principles to guide us, whether analytics and reporting happens directly on transactional systems (such as S4 or Dynamics), on adjacent operational data warehouses, or on a big data platform such as an enterprise data lake. We have designed a hybrid architecture which is able to support the needs of our analysts, business operations teams, data scientists, and executives.

Finally, our most important resource—people. We have pivoted a large part of our team from legacy BI technologies to the latest and greatest big data and analytics technologies, using formal training, mentoring programs, and on the job experience. We are also placing emphasis on learning and understanding our business processes in a broad and deep manner for our technical team.

In these 45 minutes, we will share our journey so far and touch on some of what we’ve learned.

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TDWI Anaheim Leadership Summit

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