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CASE STUDY: Building Inspired Large Scale Analytical Products

August 8, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Shweta Shah

VP, Data Science - Campaign Analytics


As companies work towards bringing in more efficiency in their services, the focus for analytical product development is changing - moving from smaller projects tailored towards meeting the needs of a single client, to large scale projects that focus on one product meeting the needs of multiple clients. The journey from an idea to a product is getting more complex as we move towards developing large and complex analytical products. Agile frameworks provide useful guidelines in building efficient ways of working. However, many teams still find it difficult to fit into a single Agile framework to work efficiently and with purpose.

In this talk, we will talk about frameworks and practices that have worked for us to go from an idea to a product, continuing to keep the product development on track, keeping the product development inspired and in a cycle of consistent growth.

Co-Located with TDWI San Diego

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