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SPOTLIGHT: AI-Enabled Decision Making – Decision Intelligence and Automation

August 8, 2022

Prerequisite: None

Colin Dover

Senior Director, Platform and Technology Center of Excellence


As business environments become more complex and volatile and organizations try to stay afloat in a sea of data, many are turning to decision intelligence (DI) to act as the needed missing link between data and better decision-making. DI uses AI-powered information to make more efficient and accurate decisions at scale. It effectively strips away complexity and accelerates translation from data to decisions so that organizations can derive more value from their investments in data and machine learning models, and stay ahead of opportunities by arriving at decisions faster. Attend this session to learn:

  • How DI differs from AI and fuses BI, data science, management, and decision modeling
  • Use cases for decision intelligence—optimizing human-augmented strategic decisions and automated, AI-enabled tactical decisions
  • Designing decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes, performance, and stakeholder behaviors
  • Eliminating bias while accommodating the value of human intuition, knowledge, and judgment
  • Leveraging DI to design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes and behaviors

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