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What a TDWI Executive Summit Offers You

A unique and interactive knowledge-sharing event focused on best practices, strategies, and technologies for creating and executing analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, and diverse data management.

The TDWI Executive Summit is developed specifically for business and IT leadership, including executives, management, CIOs, chief data officers, business analysts, data scientists, data architects, and directors who own, shape, and influence their organizations’ data-driven initiatives. All attendees must prequalify to attend. Visit

Multiple opportunities to share insights with peers

Professionals learn best by talking directly with one another and sharing what they’ve learned from experience. The TDWI Executive Summit unites professionals from various industries for collaborative learning and discussion. The program is designed to connect you with your peers as well as industry thought leaders who can address your most challenging questions and issues.

Valuable strategies, practices, and technologies

Keynotes, in-depth case studies, and forward-looking panel sessions are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to innovate with BI, analytics, and data warehousing. Speakers will offer guidance so that you can address challenges and succeed with data-driven goals.

TDWI Executive Summit Features

  • Case studies and peer sessions to help you realize the potential of BI, analytics, and data management
  • Analytics and data management tips you can apply to strategic decision making, operational efficiency, customer intelligence, and B2B relationships
  • Thought leadership to help you succeed with emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning
  • Best practices and war stories to give you a real-world perspective
  • Management insights into how to address people, governance, and organizational challenges
  • Opportunities to learn about new technologies without pressure
  • Comfortable location for all at the one and only Rosen Centre Hotel, where you can network with peers and enjoy interaction with industry experts

Why the Executive Summit is Different:

  • Data Strategy Assessment Tool

    TDWI’s Data Strategy Assessment provides a framework to identify the various strengths and challenges that an organization has across the various disciplines of data management. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with the creators of the assessment and better understand your data capabilities and recognize the potential gaps in your current environment.

  • Productive Time Out of the Office

    If you’re going to leave the office for a work trip, it better be productive. TDWI Orlando is the perfect event for teams to get hands-on training in full- and half-day courses while executives collaborate in the two-day Executive Data Strategy Summit. Leaders can make the most of the trip with valuable data strategy and storytelling courses on Wednesday after the summit.

  • Skills & Team Structures

    Need to build a data science or DataOps team? TDWI analysts and industry practitioners will share their experiences from across the industry so you can mirror high-performing organizations.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Save time and money by learning what not to do as well as how successful organizations navigated obstacles for success. TDWI attendees find extreme value in learning directly from industry experts and analysts who have worked in the field, as well as validating initiatives by connecting with fellow leaders at the Executive Summit.

  • Expert-led Workshop

    This interactive summit includes the opportunity to learn with a hands-on workshop geared for business leaders. Align strategy with company goals and build a framework that you can bring back to your organization.

  • Networking with Thought Leaders

    Connect and grow relationships with 100+ expert practitioners who have already moved to the next level. Attendees come from industry-leading companies such as 3M, CapitalOne, Amazon, and USAA.

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