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Strategy Summit

KEYNOTE: Modernizing Data and Analytics Governance for a Changed Business Climate

November 7, 2022

Prerequisite: None

James G. Kobielus

Senior Director of Research for Data Management


Data and analytics governance are evolving to address new mandates in the global economy. Enterprises are increasingly required to comply with regulations in data sovereignty, privacy, ethics, algorithmic accountability, and other critical areas.

As organizations modernize their governance practices, they must rethink their current data stewardship, classification, monitoring, and other internal processes. They must make investments in data catalogs, data quality management, lineage and impact analysis, observability, and other infrastructure that is needed to manage these functions effectively in a cloud-centric business environment. Plus, they must provide necessary tools and training to help technical and business personnel collaborate in a growing range of governance tasks.

In the first Executive Summit keynote, TDWI senior research director James Kobielus will discuss trends surrounding the modernizing of data and analytics governance, including:

  • What are the emerging data and analytics governance mandates?
  • Who are the functional business stakeholders for the new wave of data and analytics governance initiatives and what data-driven decision support tools do they require?
  • What organizational structures are best suited to helping enterprises manage new and emerging data and analytics governance initiatives?
  • What data is essential for businesses to collect, aggregate, and analyze in support of new data and analytics governance initiatives?
  • What are the principal data and analytics platform and tool investments that enterprises should make to drive their evolving governance strategies?
  • How can businesses improve data collection and analysis to ensure transparency and accountability in support of all governance mandates?
  • How should businesses cooperate with supply chain partners in implementing the data analytics necessary to meet the next wave of governance mandates?

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