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CASE STUDY: Delivering Responsible Connected Analytics as a Service

November 7, 2022

Prerequisite: None

Charles Boyle

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Octo Telematics

OCTO Telematics delivers connected analytics as a service to insurers, fleets, dealers, automotive OEMs, and state/local municipalities in several countries. This service collects automotive telematics data collection through on-board diagnostic sensors, smart tags, and other Internet of Things devices installed in connected vehicles.

Join Charles Boyle, VP and head of data and analytics at OCTO Telematics, to hear how the company is addressing outcomes in sustainability, driver safety and risk scoring, ethical consent management, and compliant governance of mobility data. He will discuss how the firm’s risk scoring, event detection, mobility atlas, traffic management, and fleet analytics drive efficiency in traffic management as well as decarbonization, pollution mitigation, and sustainability for state and local municipalities.

Powered by telematics and architected to learn from the data it generates, OCTO’s device-agnostic analytics services also quantify the risk and associated underwriting over time for insurers, while improving total cost of ownership and optimizing fleet vehicle valuation and improving the efficiency of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure.

Co-Located with TDWI Orlando

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