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TDWI Executive Summit

Data Management

May 15–16, 2023

Executive Summit Agenda

The clock is ticking.

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Future-Proofing Data Management Pipelines, Platforms, and Practices

Today’s enterprises are rapidly modernizing their data management architectures. Many organizations are adopting cloud-based hubs, data fabrics, streaming pipelines, in-memory platforms, and other infrastructure to support a full range of data management requirements.

To make the most of investments in data management, organizations must continue to future-proof their platforms, tools, and practices. As users demand greater speed, scale, and responsiveness from data-driven applications, future data management architectures will evolve to incorporate a growing range of new platforms. These environments will need to support more modern data integration, engineering, and governance pipelines and drive the training of data management workforces around new best practices.

Modern data environments will connect data management pipelines that span public, hybrid, multicloud, edge, and other topologies. They will rely on intelligent tools that enable distributed technical teams to author, monitor, and enforce robust policies governing data governance, quality, security, performance, and protection.

Learn how you can create a next-generation data environment through two days of intensive thought leadership sessions, roundtable discussions, a hands-on workshop, and real-world case studies. Register for the Executive Summit today and maximize your time at the event: come for the summit, stay for additional training at TDWI Nashville, including courses on data strategy, data visualization, and more.

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What to Expect

This focused, interactive event will help business and technical leaders understand and succeed with data management in today’s business environment in which change is a constant, diverse trends interact in surprising ways, and stakeholders must revise strategies to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. You will leave the Executive Summit in Nashville with strategies for future-proofing your data management environment and practices.

  • Expert-Led Workshop

    There is always the next cloud workload. This workshop will guide you through the process of assessing cloud data platforms for your workloads, using real-world techniques you can bring back to your organization and use with your own teams and stakeholders.

  • Best-Practice Case Studies

    Case studies from leading organizations, featuring real-world best practices and war stories, will help you understand how visionary businesses build agile, scalable, and manageable data management processes.

  • Expert Sessions

    Take advantage of TDWI’s renowned faculty and analyst team, who share best practices, new research, and the latest data-driven technologies, including how to future-proof your data strategy, evolving data architectures, and monetizable data strategies.

  • Productive Time OOO

    If you’re going to travel or take time for professional development, it better be productive. TDWI Nashville is the perfect event for teams to get hands-on training in half-day courses, while executives collaborate in the two-day Executive Summit.

What You Will Learn

Leave with the tools needed to tackle the common challenges faced by data leaders across industries. In two days, you will learn where the market is going, what you need to do about it, and best practices to include in your strategy.

  • How can you build a solid data management strategy and derive the most value from it?
  • What are the issues you need to watch out for?
  • Why is high-quality data management critical to being a modern, competitive, efficient organization?
  • What are real-world businesses doing to set strategy, extract value, control the cost, and mitigate the risks of managing data management?
  • How can your organization evolve its pipelines and platforms to adopt new technologies while making the most of legacy investments?
  • What new technologies, architectures, skills, and frameworks should your organization consider?

Who's Attending

  • Business executives and line-of-business managers
  • CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, VPs, and directors of IT
  • Data architects and other data management leaders
  • Analytics and data directors

Let's Network

TDWI Nashville will have lots of opportunities for you to engage with one another and safely make the most of the experience! Take advantage of safe and constructive opportunities to validate data plans and get to know fellow data leaders during social sessions throughout the event.

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