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CASE STUDY: A Multitenant Data Fabric: Reimagining Medicines at Novartis by Going Big on Data and Digital

May 16, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Ravi Shankar

Executive Director Data Enablement and Strategic Data Products


The big data and digital revolution that has already reshaped many industries is gaining momentum in healthcare. Novartis is helping lead the revolution in life sciences by harnessing the power of data and digital technology across the enterprise.

In this session, learn how Novartis created a business-outcome-driven multitenant data fabric including pharma commercial sales, medical, digital, patient, and finance data assets. You will hear how this delivered transformative innovation by achieving 75% reduction in time to data plus 50% cost and productivity savings—and how it empowered data scientists with self-service capabilities and data-driven insights. This approach helped significantly broaden patient reach and generated insights to transform the end-to-end patient engagement journey.

Novartis defined a successful data strategy to achieve multidimensional disruption-free elastic scalability of storage and compute to address a diverse set of use cases involving data scientists, data operations, advanced analytics, brand analytics, and business insights teams. The scalable architecture ensured that the solution seamlessly caters to thousands of concurrent queries and connected users accessing the data sets at the same time using a single user interface, thereby providing a unified view of all the data assets with no contention between users.

You will gain deeper insights about the product vision, business and technology approach, best practices, and learnings across each of the key tenants of the platform—including data management, a centralized portal, a data catalog, data lineage, data labs as self-service, a knowledge repository, business rules enablement, and analytics enablement and governance.

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