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CASE STUDY: Accelerate Valued Insights through Intentional Leadership Growth

February 14, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Brad Schwartz


Tech Leader’s Coach

As data and analytics leaders, we are constantly focused on how to increase the value of data products and analytic solutions.  Unfortunately, we often place our own leadership skill development in the backlog as we prioritize a multitude of responsibilities and tasks.  Within the context of 2023’s “do more with less” budget cycle, we are faced with a whole new set of challenges in how we intentionally lead organizations and partner with stakeholders. Fortunately, leveling up your leadership skills can be readily included within your current workflow by iteratively practicing proven skill frameworks.

Research speaks for itself: Leaders consistently indicate improved business results when they are intentional about leadership growth.

In this talk, Brad will share proven approaches to leadership development, enabling you to become more effective and influential as a data and analytics leader.  Actionable leadership development frameworks and case examples will be provided so that you can readily learn, practice, and apply your learnings post conference. Topics include: 

  • Methods to collect data that will increase your leadership self-awareness
  • An approach to organizing your insights into an inspiring leadership vision and plan
  • Case examples for prioritizing, growing, and leveling up your leadership
  • Additional opportunities to scale your leadership impact

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