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Governing AI and Generative AI in Modern Data Environments

May 1, 2024

Prerequisite: None

Amit Parulekar

Director Advanced Analytics & AI strategy

Brown Forman

AI is already happening today, and it is pervasive, often invisibly embedded in our day-to-day tools. Although many organizations see artificial intelligence as a strategic opportunity, an increasing number also recognize it as a strategic risk. It is easy to be lost and lose momentum, and sometimes building a strategy is not a straightforward and linear journey.

The success of navigating this complex process also relies heavily on the organization's change management process and the level of support provided by its leadership. A robust governance and change management process can provide structure, guidance, and resources to navigate through the challenges and uncertainties inherent in developing a responsible AI strategy. How should organizations think about adopting AI? Where did Brown Forman start on their responsible AI journey?

Ethics, security, and governance are critically important in the adoption of AI technologies. In this session, Amit Parulekar will share his experience and story and provide some tactical steps his organization took to understand the current AI landscape and responsibly use this powerful technology.

Agenda Key

  • Analyst Insights: the latest trends and research delivered by TDWI analysts.
  • Expert Best Practices: experts, with in-the-trenches expertise, focus on best practices and successful real-world applications
  • Curated Case Studies: case studies, delivered by experts in the field, with a focus on actionable takeaways
  • Tech-in-Action: moderated technology demos and case study sessions that enable attendees to assess all the latest AI applications and technologies
  • Workshop: Interactive session where leaders come together with peers, with an expert facilitator, to discuss common challenges and proven best practices

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TDWI Chicago

Chicago, IL
April 28–May 3