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The TDWI Executive Program: Data Strategy has concluded, but on-demand access is available for previously registered attendees through September 16, 2021.
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Spotlight Talk: Giving Up Control - Improving Analytics Productivity for Overwhelmed Data Teams

March 16, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Ciaran Dynes

Chief Product Officer


Data was supposed to transform business as we know it, but with COVID-19 and lockdown, we find most data teams doing more busy work than ever just to keep up. Today’s data management best practices are largely unable to cope with the new realities of the stay-at-home workforce. Data and analytics leaders must stop striving for perfection and instead adopt a more agile and flexible approach.

This session covers everything from free point-and-click integration platforms to the efficiency of emerging lakehouse architectures and how to get the peak performance from Snowflake or your existing cloud data warehouse.

Join us to learn:

  • The factors and events that shaped today’s data and analytics industry
  • How to spot and diagnose modern data challenges in your organization
  • Practical strategies and solutions that leading data teams use to combat overload

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