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The TDWI Executive Program: Data Strategy has concluded, but on-demand access is available for previously registered attendees through September 16, 2021.
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Spotlight Talk: Leverage a Playbook Approach - Guide to What Data and Analytics “Play” to Run When

March 16, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Sue Waite

Senior Director

SAP Platform & Technology Center of Excellence

Every company has common business themes driving their data and analytics requirements. Especially in these days of compressed business timelines due to COVID, topics such as operational performance management, forecast and planning, steering and oversight, etc., are more critical than ever. However, getting all of those data ducks to line up in the right order is often challenging, if not downright frustrating.

What if there was a guide to follow to find a fast path to success? We will explore a methodical approach to doing so, based on tried and true best practices and experiences that we have collected through our work with companies across many industries. SAP’s Agile Data and Analytics Playbook provides a framework to building a right-sized data and analytics strategy, with supporting “plays” to execute on these primary analytics patterns and quickly deliver value to your business.

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