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Data Strategy: Assessment Details and Observations

March 16, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Evan Levy



Integral Data, LLC

Most companies have methodical and well-reviewed plans for applications, development tools, platforms, and storage. However, even in a world where many believe that "data is the new oil," few organizations have addressed their data strategies in the same comprehensive manner as their other business assets.

With most companies, their "data plan" starts and ends with storage; there's little discussion about a plan that includes sharing, access, usability, compliance, and the numerous other issues associated with delivering "the new oil." TDWI's Data Strategy Assessment is intended to help you identify your organization's data strengths and challenges in order to support developing your data strategy. It's not just about naming standards and data management details; it's about ensuring your data strategy addresses real-world needs.

This presentation will review some common real-world needs, provide an overview of five key data strategy components, and consider the individual attributes analyzed within the assessment. We'll also discuss the differences in data management strengths and challenges found across organizations of varying complexities.

You Will Learn

  • Common business and technology drivers for a data strategy
  • The five essential components of a data strategy
  • The Data Strategy Assessment attributes
  • The difference in data strategy attributes between small and large organizations

Geared To

  • CIOs and chief data officers
  • Program managers
  • Business sponsors
  • Data governance and data management staff
  • Business/data analysts
  • Data stakeholders

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