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The TDWI Executive Program: Data Literacy has concluded, but on-demand access is available for previously registered attendees through March 9, 2022.
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Spotlight Talk: Data Storytelling - The Capstone of Data Literacy

September 8, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Paul Barth, Ph.D.

Global Head of Data Literacy


In a data-literate organization, stakeholders use analytics and data to understand business situations, analyze their options, and decide on a course of action. Communicating effectively with data is essential to ensure that colleagues can collaborate confidently with each other through shared insights and understanding. Data storytelling is recognized as a powerful technique for efficiently and effectively communicating data-driven business decisions. In this talk, Dr. Barth will explain why data storytelling is a critical data literacy skill, describe techniques for becoming an effective storyteller, and share examples of great data stories.

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