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Steve Tadeo

Data Science and Analytics Specialist


Steve joined Nokia (Lucent) in 1999 as a sales training instructor, developing and delivering content in a variety of areas including account and opportunity management, negotiation, finance, and presentation skills. From general sales training, Steve transitioned to technical sales learning and business development. Since 2016, Steve has focused exclusively on data training, data analytics, data science, and most recently, data literacy.

In 2020, Steve developed and launched Nokia’s data literacy blended learning program which focuses on the development and application of data skills. In 2022, to help drive Nokia’s data-driven decision-making mindset, Steve launched Nokia’s Data Literacy Conference series, where Nokia data advocates along with external industry experts share experiences and promote the advancement of data strategies to change the way data is perceived and applied.

Steve holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Bridgeport and an MBA from Virginia Polytechnical Institute.

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