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Course Description

W2P Data Catalogs – Finally a Mechanism to Tame Analytics Chaos!

December 2, 2020

2:15 pm - 5:25 pm

Prerequisite: None

Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

Data, reports, analytics everywhere—and no way to find them!

I hear this from many organizations suffering from an “embarrassing” wealth of analytics products. Unfortunately, because these products are all over the place and often hidden from business users and analytics implementers, the products get re-invented over and over. This dysfunctional situation causes wasted efforts, time, money, and confusion to say nothing of the redundancy in data and analytics.

Although certainly not a silver bullet, a sophisticated data catalog can mitigate this chaos. Business community members can quickly find the data and analytics they need. Implementers can identify existing products as quickly and eliminate much of the redundancy. Both groups can easily identify existing redundant data and analytics and begin to clean up their environments.

You Will Learn

  • What a data catalog is and why it is needed
  • Benefits from a data catalog
  • Case studies of organizations implementing a data catalog
  • Best practices in the implementation of a data catalog
  • Steps for getting started

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