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Course Description

TH1P The Practical Guide to Enterprise Dashboard Design and Data Visualization

December 3, 2020

2:15 pm - 5:25 pm

Prerequisite: None

Nicholas Kelly

Director, Visual Analytics

Logic20/20 Inc.

There is a gap between business stakeholders and data scientists/BI developers. This gap often results in dashboards that fail to create business value or, worse yet, that people don’t even use. Elements such as user interviews, persona design, stakeholder buy-in, wireframing, iteration, adoption, and feedback are underutilized, greatly increasing the risk of user disengagement and stakeholder frustration. Analytics managers and dashboard creators can miss the opportunity to leverage user motivations to drive success.

Dashboards are often designed by the dashboard developer/data scientist and can miss the “why?” However, nontechnical stakeholders such as executives and managers often find it difficult to come to the table and effectively communicate with the developers.

This course takes a practical approach to addressing these problems, giving participants the knowledge and processes to ensure dashboards bring value to the business while having a common language to communicate with all stakeholders. The session takes participants through a live process from business objectives right through to the creation of sketched wireframes.

You Will Learn

  • The primary causes of failed analytics efforts
  • Reasons affecting poor dashboard design and adoption
  • The elements of good dashboard design
  • What an actionable dashboard looks like
  • An enterprise-tested process for getting user input
  • Techniques for engaging with stakeholders and winning them over
  • Real-world applications and examples
  • A process for taking high-level business objectives and marrying those to available data
  • Adoption strategy and change management
  • Managing up and managing down
  • Application of the design process with hands-on activities culminating in the creation of wireframes

Geared To

  • Business analysts
  • Executives
  • Consultants
  • IT professionals
  • Managers with a need to use data for decision making
  • Anyone who wants to move the needle on the business using data

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