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TDWI San Diego 2019 has ended, sorry you missed it!

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TDWI San Diego Conference

Modern Data Management

Data has been called "the new oil", and to run well, oil must be refined. Today's modern data management practices can create well-refined data to power your organization's growth. As the world of data management rapidly evolves along with the latest technologies, so should your practices.

From building a successful data governance program to managing data quality requirements that support self-service analytics and reporting, an effective data management practice is paramount for your modern data-driven practices. Learn techniques and best practices from industry experts to fuel your company's growth without derailing your existing architectures and practices.

One year into GDPR and coming up on the California Consumer Privacy Act, organizations must think strategically how to manage their data assets and provide consumer security without hindering the internal use of valuable data.

Full Track Course Listing

Who Should Attend

  • Data architects, solution architects, integration architects, IT architects, enterprise architects, application architects
  • Data stewards, data curators, and other data governance and data quality professionals
  • Data engineers, software engineers, system engineers, solutions engineers
  • IT analysts, technical analysts, data analysts, systems analysts
  • Database developers, DBAs, software developers, application developers, data warehouse developers, data integration developers
  • BI and data warehousing program managers, project managers, and directors

Hot Topics

  • Data Modeling for Big Data
  • Data Governance Programs
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Cataloging
  • Data Security & Privacy

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