TDWI San Diego Conference

W5P Data Engineering 101NEW

August 8, 2018

2:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Data engineering is among the most in-demand skills for today’s data-driven and analytics-focused organizations, by some accounts outstripping the demand for data scientists by a factor of 12. Data engineers are technical designers and developers, much like software engineers but with different objectives and challenges. Due to the scope and complexity of data types, databases, and data management technologies, the field encompasses a wide range of disciplines from architecture to coding and testing. Understanding the scope and complexity of data engineering is essential both for data engineers and for those who work with them.

You Will Learn

  • What data engineering is and why it is essential for analytics-driven organizations
  • How data engineering is similar to software engineering and how it is different
  • The kinds of deliverables that data engineering produces
  • The range of skills—architectural, modeling, programming, and technological—that are essential to data engineering
  • Core data engineering processes including pipeline design/development and data services design/development
  • Data engineering life cycles and methods including agile and DevOps

Geared To

  • Everyone with a role in data capture and data provisioning for analytics
  • Anyone who aspires to become a data engineer
  • Data architects, data curators, data governance professionals, technology architects, and others who work with data engineers
  • Executives and managers with oversight responsibilities for data management and analytics

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