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Machine Learning Bootcamp with Python

Machine learning is the hottest area in data and analytics, and this bootcamp will cover everything you need to get started! Through a series of lectures and hands-on labs, you will learn how to match business challenges to analytics techniques like classification and clustering and develop the skills necessary to prepare the data. Additionally, you will learn how to apply and tune popular machine learning algorithms including decision trees, the random forest, k-means, and DBSCAN. This bootcamp leverages Python, but the concepts and techniques you learn will apply with any machine learning technology you use in the future.

Not already familiar with Python? No problem! The courses in this bootcamp include free access to an on-demand course called Python Quick Start. Complete it before the event and you will be fully up to speed in time for the conference.

Sessions Include:

Day 1 Tuesday, August 8

Day 2 Wednesday, August 9

Day 3 Thursday, August 10

The clock is ticking.

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