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S6 Emerging Trends in IT and How to Navigate With WisdomNEW!

December 3, 2017

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

This fun, interactive, informative, and practical seminar will discuss emerging trends in IT, discuss future predictions and discuss how we can apply wisdom to emerging trends such as data science, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data. Focusing on important human behavioral considerations and techniques regarding these new trends as well as for implementing our traditional disciplines of business intelligence, data warehousing, data strategy, and data governance.

For example, traditional as well as new trends present cultural and organizational challenges in motivations, trust, security, privacy, transparency, and ethics.

We will discuss something that is often missed and yet so critically important in these efforts: namely the human side of things and how to apply wisdom using specific and practical tools. What is wisdom? It is being able to see what is really happening and taking actions that are in the highest interests of all. In our rapidly changing industry, how can we most effectively do this?

You Will Learn

  • How data science, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cognitive computing, big data, and other newer trends have changed the enterprise landscape and what is important for us to consider and take action upon in these newer arenas
  • Implications and issues with these trends such as are we more or less connected, workforce considerations, and change/disruptions in industries
  • Critical human factors that are important to address such as our underlying purpose, motivations and intentions as we evolve our industry, trust, communications and conflicts.
  • Important techniques and tools that we can use to apply wisdom in our industry and to our lives
  • How to collaborate effectively in an increasingly complex world

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December 3–8


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