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Course Description

MP Panel Discussion // How AI Enablement Drives the New Paradigm in Data Management

November 6, 2023

8:40 am - 9:00 am

Prerequisite: None

Richard Hines

Analytics Consultant and Educator

James G. Kobielus

Senior Director of Research for Data Management


Susan Linnell

Head, Data Management Practice


Artificial intelligence is the source of innovations in practically every corner of our lives. Leveraging machine learning, large language models, and other algorithmic smarts, AI is accelerating complex business and IT processes like never before, automating a wider range of applications and workloads, and augmenting the productivity of knowledge workers everywhere.

AI enablement is at the heart of the new paradigm in enterprise data management. Join TDWI’s senior research director and invited panelists for this discussion of the many ways AI is changing how organizations source, prepare, cleanse, model, govern, and otherwise manage their data. Some of the topics they will discuss include:

  • Evolving the data lake toward support for multimodal sources (text, image, video, etc.) for new use cases in generative AI
  • Integrating ML-generated synthetic data in the machine learning operationalization process
  • Using large language models to drive ETL development, data quality monitoring, and other processes in the next-generation data engineering pipeline
  • Deploying vector databases as a foundation platform for generative AI applications
  • Adopting AI-augmented tools for data classification, metadata management, and data lineage
  • Leveraging AIOps tools to automate data pipeline processes and drive more timely, scalable, and effective collaboration by distributed data engineering teams across mesh, multicloud, and other complex IT environments

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