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Tim Seyfried

Principal Consultant, Data Analytics Practice

Cintra Software and Services

Tim Seyfried is a director of a business intelligence practice who has built highly complex data structures and procedures to support near-real-time data warehouses and advanced analytical environments. He has a strong background in database and BI technologies with a focus on Oracle database and tools. Seyfried has developed business intelligence analytics road maps for several organizations. He enjoys taking technical and functional specifications and building analytical structures that satisfy current needs and anticipate future requirements.

As the principal consultant for data analytics practice at Cintra Software and Services, Seyfried architects and implements BI solutions, both on premises and in the cloud, to meet client needs for reporting and advanced analytics. He develops solutions to be marketed and promoted for clients in the areas of data warehousing and advanced analytics.

Seyfried holds a bachelor of applied science degree in management information systems from The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business.

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