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W4A Introduction to Data Vault ModelingNEW!

December 6, 2017

9:00 am - 12:15 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

For over a decade and a half organizations around the globe have adopted the Data Vault modeling approach for their agile data warehouse deployments. As an alternative to 3NF or Dimensional modeling, Data Vault modeling is particularly effective when dealing with data integration, historization and environments that are rapidly changing. At the foundation of this modeling pattern are Hubs (business keys), Satellites (descriptive context), and Links (relationships). Together these component parts form a solid backbone and agile framework that adapts to changes and new subject areas without extensive re-engineering. Participants can expect to learn the fundamentals of Data Vault modeling and the main drivers for the rapid adoption rates of this technique.

You Will Learn

  • What Data Vault Modeling is and how it got here
  • Why and When we use the Data Vault (DV) pattern
  • The premise of Unified Decomposition
  • The foundations of Ensembles and ensemble modeling patterns
  • The primary components of DV; Hubs, Links & Satellites
  • How to interactively design and model a DV model
  • How to achieve DW agility with the DV pattern
  • How to apply Data Vault modeling to given business cases
  • The importance of business-driven modeling for the BDV
  • Who uses Data Vault and why they use it
  • What industries benefit from DV and how

Geared To

  • Business Analysts who work with enterprise, integrated data
  • Data Modelers (all; conceptual, logical, information, 3NF, Dimensional, etc.)
  • Data Scientists seeking to understand & control incoming data
  • Data Architects (Cloud & Big Data Architects) working with enterprise, integrated data
  • ETL developers working in DWBI environments
  • BI developers sourcing enterprise, integrated data in an agile environment
  • Anyone working with the corporate data asset

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