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Course Description

TH3 Soft Skills for Navigating Emerging Trends in BI and Analytics

February 13, 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Len Silverston


Universal Data Models, LLC

The key to being successful in our new world of AI, machine learning, big data, and other trends is knowing how to work with people. We must be prepared and informed, both from a technology perspective and from a human factors perspective. This course focuses on the people aspects of data management.

The data landscape is changing ever faster. Big data is spreading into mobile apps, connected cars, wearables, and smart meters. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are shaking up industries. IoT devices are capturing extraordinary amounts of data. Data governance and data security challenges are becoming widespread. Machine learning is outpacing human learning.

In this landscape, we must have the appropriate skills to handle important human factors. These skill help you stay focused on what is truly meaningful, identify what our deepest intentions are, communicate effectively, build trust, and manage conflict.

This course provides an overview of 14 key emerging trends in BI and analytics, and offers tools, techniques, and exercises for being navigating these trends effectively.

You Will Learn

Many important human behavior tools and techniques to effectively manage change such as:

  • Understanding why people act as they do
  • How to realize underlying intentions and come to shared purpose
  • Trust and connection models
  • Conflict management tools
  • Communication tools to effectively navigate through cultural and political factors
  • Fourteen emerging trends in data, myths, stories, and a key point to understand on each trend
  • What’s happening regarding human behavior as these trends evolve
  • How to practically apply these tools via interactive, fun, and insightful exercises

Geared To

Business and data professionals and anyone that is or will be involved in data efforts, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Program/project managers
  • BI/DW customers
  • Business sponsors
  • CIOs and chief data officers
  • Data scientists
  • Management/executives involved in BI/DW
  • Data project team members (such as architects, designers, and developers)

The clock is ticking.

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