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Course Description

TH2 BI and Analytics Organizations That Work: Resolving the Conflicts of Centralization and Self-Service

February 13, 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Aaron Fuller


Principal and Owner

Superior Data Strategies LLC

Do your BI and analytics stakeholders experience territorial disputes? Do you work in the business and wonder why IT controls seem like roadblocks to data access and barriers to business analysis? Do you work in IT and have concerns about ungoverned data, non-repeatable processes, and untraceable reporting? What about the vendors who bypass IT and sell their products directly into lines of business—is that a good thing or a bad thing? Questions like this challenge virtually every modern BI and analytics organization. There is no "one size fits all" right answer to these questions. But there is a best answer for you and your organization—or maybe even a few great options. We’ll explore the variables that help to determine the right mix of central services, shared services, and self-service to achieve the best fit for your organization’s culture, needs, and data management practices.

You Will Learn

  • Definitions of key terms that are commonly used in discussions of BI and analytics organizational structure
  • Common challenges for BI/analytics organizations and approaches for overcoming them
  • Goals related to having the right team structure and strategies for achieving them
  • Alternatives for BI/analytics organizational structures and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Key capabilities for making your BI/analytics organization successful—data governance, metadata management, coordinated staff, shared tools, and vendors and enterprise architecture

Geared To

  • Leaders that want to optimize the performance of their teams by better understanding the organizational challenges commonly experienced in analytics and BI and their alternatives for addressing those challenges
  • BI and analytics managers, directors and executives that are considering undergoing reorganizations of their teams
  • Architects and other staff that advise leaders on how to organize their teams to achieve the best results

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