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Course Description

S6 Hands-on: Data Literacy with Excel Made EasyNEW!

February 9, 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: Students must set up their laptops in advance

Caitlin Johnson

Data Scientist


David Langer


Dave on Data

The demand for data-literate professionals has soared as organizations move to data-driven cultures. Many find the prospect of gaining data literacy intimidating because they assume that learning advanced statistics is required, but it’s not true!

In this hands-on class you will learn the fundamentals of robustly analyzing business data using Excel. No fancy Excel functions or complex calculations are required—we promise! We will teach you a simple, yet powerful, analysis tool: the process behavior chart. The process behavior chart is a visual tool uniquely suited for rigorously analyzing business data that allows you to answer questions such as:

  • Given historical business performance, what should we reasonably expect to see in the future?
  • We’ve implemented a new business initiative (e.g., an incentive plan). Is the initiative really working?
  • Is the business performance of Division A actually superior to the business performance of Division B?

With your newly acquired skills, you will be positioned to become a trusted advisor, providing rigorous, compelling insights into the multitude of KPIs, dashboards, and scorecards so common in today’s organizations. The best part is, no programming or difficult mathematics are required.

You Will Learn

  • Why business data often requires a different style of analysis
  • Data analysis fundamentals
  • The process behavior chart
  • Building process behavior charts in Excel
  • How to rigorously identify trends/patterns in business data
  • How to rigorously compare groups/collections of business data
  • How to communicate your insights effectively
  • Additional resources to extend your learning

Geared To

  • Business/data analysts
  • Database developers
  • BI/report developers
  • Managers and anyone else interested in getting started with rigorous analysis of business data

Laptop Setup

Students must bring their own laptop to the class.

Participants should download and install the following BEFORE the event:

  • Microsoft Excel

Laptop setup is required BEFORE the conference.

There is no time allotted in class for laptop preparation.

* Enrollment is limited to 60 attendees.

The clock is ticking.

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