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Course Description

MK Keynote // Infonomics: The New Economics of Information

February 10, 2020

8:00 am - 8:45 am

Prerequisite: None

Douglas Laney

Douglas Laney

Principal Data Strategist


Increasingly, IT and business leaders talk about information as one of their most important assets, but few behave as if it is. Executives report to the board on the health of their workforce, their financials, their customers, and their partnerships, but rarely the health of their information assets. Corporations typically exhibit greater discipline in managing and accounting for their office furniture than their data.

In this session, Mr. Laney will share insights from his best-selling book, Infonomics, about how organizations can actually monetize, manage, and measure information as an actual enterprise asset. He will discuss why information both is and isn’t an asset and property, how classic economic concepts can and should be applied to information, and share real world examples of organizations embracing infonomics principles.

This keynote session will be beneficial for those looking to help their organization move beyond the memes of “Data is an asset” and “Data is the new oil” to actually begin acting that way.

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