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Crowdsourcing Data Governance: How to Win Data Stewards and Influence SMEs

May 9, 2018

5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

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Centralized, top-down Data Governance initiatives aren’t wrong – they’re just incomplete. In order to make effective behavioral changes, sustain lasting gains in agility, and expand business capabilities through Data Governance, data stewards and subject matter experts must be willing and eager partners, not just compliant participants, in your efforts.

This course will provide a radically different approach to data governance - one that internally crowdsources data governance engagement with or without a strong top-down executive mandate. This session will lay out the stages of crowdsourced data governance and the tactics required to identify and engage with the stakeholders who already own and manage your organization’s data, gain their trust and commitment to your data governance vision, win their support as champions for data stewardship, and demonstrate progress toward data management maturity without a top-down demand for compliance.

You Will Learn

  • Why framing and marketing your data governance vision for the masses is more critical than executive support
  • How to identify data stewardship supporters and detractors
  • Why not to engage (and when to engage) executives
  • How to leverage existing sources of metadata and knowledge to build support
  • What kinds of technologies can helpful in managing crowdsourced data governance

Geared To

  • Chief Data Officers, Data Governance professionals, BI/DW managers

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