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T3P New Data Storage Technologies: From Hadoop to Graph Databases, and from NoSQL to NewSQL

April 30, 2019

2:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Big data, Hadoop, in-memory analytics, Spark, analytical database servers, Graph databases, NewSQL, and NoSQL are just a few of the many new data storage technologies and techniques that have become available for developing business intelligence and big data systems. Most of them are very powerful and allow for development of flexible and scalable systems. But which ones do you pick? Due to this waterfall of new developments, it’s becoming harder and harder for organizations to select the right tools. Which technologies are relevant? Are they mature? What are their use cases? These are all valid questions, but are all difficult to answer. An aspect that is clearly complicating is that many of these new systems are specialized database servers. They are very good at just one task. For example, graph databases are great for doing graph analytics, whereas most of the NoSQL products are designed for running a massive transactional workload, however, with a narrow data model. This session gives a clear and extensive overview of all the new data storage developments. Technologies and products are explained, market overviews are presented, strengths and weaknesses are discussed, the pros and cons of each solution are discussed, and guidelines and best practices are given. The attendees are given a full and critical update of all the new products and technologies and shows.

You Will Learn

  • How new and existing technologies, such as Hadoop, NoSQL and NewSQL, can help to develop BI and big data systems.
  • How to embed Hadoop technologies in existing BI systems.
  • How Spark can boost the performance for analytics.
  • Why Graph databases are very different from all the other systems.
  • When to use NewSQL or NoSQL for developing transactional systems.
  • How to simplify data access through SQL-on-Hadoop engines.
  • When to use which new storage technology.
  • The pros and cons of each data storage technology.
  • Which products and technologies are winners and which ones are losers.

Geared To

  • Business intelligence specialists who need to know which new technology to deploy for complex forms of analytics on big data sources
  • Data warehouse designers who want to know how to incorporate all these new technologies, such as NoSQL, Hadoop, and Spark, in their data warehouse environments
  • Big data specialists who want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are of the different new database technologies
  • Data scientists who are interested in the new forms of analytics, such as graph analytics, offered by the big data world
  • Technology planners, technical architects, and enterprise architects who must stay up to date with the latest technology for data processing
  • Database administrators and database developers who want to know when to choose which new technology

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