TDWI Chicago Conference

S5 Practical Techniques for Aligning Business and IT: Navigating Politics and Culture

May 6, 2018

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

When many organizations are asked why a BI or analytics effort failed, the most common answer is "politics." And when these same organizations are asked why efforts were successful, human factors are most often mentioned as the key to success.

The way to get the most out of business intelligence and analytics is to put the most into it—and people are the most valuable resources we have in this data-driven world. To be successful, we must invest in and understand leading-edge techniques, tools, and practices that help develop strong personal relationships, effect positive cultural changes, and promote effective human dynamics.

This course provides case studies from a variety of BI efforts and shares critical aspects of why some organizations are successful while others are not. The course shares practical and powerful techniques that focus on human dynamics and personal relationships, two of the most important factors in BI and analytics success. Based upon decades of experience and research from a variety of sources, Len shares principles and specific techniques in BI and analytics environments regarding how to develop trust, how to understand and "model" motivations, how to develop sponsorship, how to move ahead the vision, and how to effectively resolve conflict.

Interactive exercises will allow participants to practice handling difficult issues that commonly arise in BI and analytics efforts, and we will apply the principles and techniques that leading organizations have used to create world-class solutions.

You Will Learn

  • Key factors in developing strong personal relationships, effecting culture change, and attaining critical BI and analytics success
  • Tools and principles to enable BI and analytics, such as keys to move the program forward, developing trust, understanding motivation, developing sponsorship, and managing conflict
  • Case studies demonstrating how these principles and techniques lead to BI and analytics success and examples where these techniques were missing
  • Exercises allowing participants to practice overcoming challenges that BI and analytics professionals inevitably face

Geared To

  • Anyone involved in BI and analytics efforts in any capacity, including program and project managers, business sponsors and stakeholders, CIOs and chief data officers, management/executives involved in BI and analytics, and all project team members such as architects, designers, and developers

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May 6–11


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