TDWI Chicago Conference

MK Keynote // Big Mistakes to Avoid and Why You Need a Data Interpreter

May 7, 2018

8:00 am - 8:45 am

Prerequisite: None

There has been much attention given to the data scientist role in analytics but the real hero in a data-driven environment is the person or people who can explain what the analytic results are and what they mean to the enterprise. Without this data interpreter, grave mistakes in understanding and taking action on data are likely to be made.

The data interpreter is the storyteller for the executive suite of the company. He or she can translate technical and analytical results into meaningful business language, while providing the compelling story behind the algorithms and graphs. This last skill is especially important because it is through vetting the analytical results and bringing them to life in captivating ways that the C-suite is left with a clear path forward or call to action.

Attendees Will Learn

  • Description and skill set of the data interpreter
  • Common mistakes made in interpreting data\
  • Examples of good story telling
  • Getting started with data interpretation

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