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Data Science Bootcamp

Back by popular demand! Join the hundreds who have already completed the Data Science Bootcamp and earn a certificate. Learn the skills and tactics you need for success with data science in your organization.

TDWI’s Data Science Bootcamp lays the groundwork for your journey to become a data scientist. This two-day intensive learning experience covers the all aspects of data science – from its impact on your organization, to the role of the data scientist. You’ll learn essential data science skills directly from today’s data science thought leaders. From targeting a business challenge, to preparing data, to building analytic models and interpreting results, to delivering insights to the business, this Bootcamp provides end-to-end coverage of what it takes to succeed as a data scientist.

Register for our full two-day intensive Bootcamp or pick and choose the courses you want to take.

This is a certificate track.

Sessions Include:

Day 1
Monday, May 11
  Day 2
Tuesday, May 12
Morning Session // 9:00am-12:15pm
DS1 - Data Science Bootcamp // An Overview of Data Science
  Morning Session // 8:00am-11:15am
DS3 - Data Science Bootcamp // Modeling Your Data: Building and Assessing Models
Afternoon Session // 1:45pm-5:00pm
DS2 - Data Science Bootcamp // Data Sourcing and Preparation for Data Science
  Afternoon Session // 2:15pm-5:30pm
DS4 - Data Science Bootcamp // Effectively Visualizing and Communicating Data

Attendees who complete the full two-day bootcamp will receive a certificate of completion.
Only able to attend the two–day bootcamp? Email Registration at

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