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TDWI Transform 2024

Chicago | Apr. 28–May 3

Course Description

T4A Data Governance Processes: A Framework for Business SuccessNEW!

April 30, 2024

8:00 am - 11:15 am

Duration: Morning

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Donna Burbank

Managing Director

Global Data Strategy Ltd

Data governance is rapidly becoming a must-have for any organization wanting to manage its data, improve its quality, and control its security, access and use. However, launching a data governance initiative can be challenging as it requires both cultural change and new technical ways of working.

This course will outline a practical approach to implementing a data governance framework with a focus on the key data governance processes to put in place, and how to embed data governance processes into core business processes to ensure compliance. It will also reinforce learning by enabling participants to gain hands-on experience of the approaches and techniques taught.

You Will Learn

  • Overview of data governance and the importance of processes
  • Aligning data governance with business objectives to ensure success
  • How to create the right organizational structures, data stewardship, and roles to support data governance processes
  • Which processes and workflows are needed for successful data governance
  • How to embed data governance processes into business processes to ensure that governance is normalized as a “business as usual” activity
  • Tools and technologies to support data governance processes

Geared To

  • Data governance leads
  • Data stewards
  • Business stakeholders
  • Chief data officers
  • Data architects and data management professionals

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TDWI Chicago

Chicago, IL
April 28–May 3