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W5A Enterprise Data Marketplace: Delivering Data as a ServiceUpdated!

August 8, 2018

9:00 am - 12:15 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Remember the data warehousing promises of the past: single source of the truth, reliable data when and where needed, etc. These promises were not often realized, and when realized, never quite enough. Why the gap between expectations and reality? Much of the problem is in the way that we think about data. An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) views data as a thing to be stored, processed, and managed by technology organizations. We must think about data in an entirely different way—data as a service that is accessed, processed, analyzed, and reported by people throughout the enterprise.

The enterprise data marketplace(EDM)weaves data into the fabric of the business—a shift from inert to organic. Data services are presented through a "storefront" interface where data consumers can shop to find best-fit data for their needs—an architectural shift from EDW to EDM.

Imagine the power and impact of shopper-like services for analysts seeking data. EDM provides data seekers with services to find datasets, evaluate fit for purpose, read reviews of others who have used the data, immediately access data, and prepare it for use. Recent technology innovations provide advanced capabilities for data cataloging, data preparation, data curation, and collaboration. They put the EDM within reach of data-dependent organizations everywhere.

You Will Learn

  • To think about data in a new and different way
  • To understand the EDM Components Framework
  • How to end the vicious circle and trigger a virtuous cycle of data growth
  • The 4 C’s of EDM: Curating, Cataloging, Collaboration, and Crowdsourcing
  • Governed self-service advantages of EDM
  • How to get started with your own EDM

Geared To

  • BI and analytics leaders
  • Data architects, data integrators, and data providers
  • Anyone interested in data as a service
  • Anyone interested in self-service BI and analytics
  • Anyone needing to evolve governance practices to work in the self-service world

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