TDWI Anaheim Conference

THK Keynote // We’re Entering the Golden Age of Sports Analytics

August 10, 2017

8:00 am - 8:45 am

Prerequisite: None

Today, analytics plays an important role in nearly every industry—including sports. Leveraged for everything from recruitment to ticket pricing, analytics, machine learning, and big data are helping teams make better business decisions on and off the field.

Join sports analytics expert Dr. Dave Schrader as he discusses:

  • What's happening around the world to collect and analyze data for recruiting, player development, game planning, and injury prevention?
  • What kind of big data helps improve sports decisions?
  • How is analytics used to improve business operations—ticket pricing, sales, sponsorships?
  • What analytics do leading pro teams and leagues use for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer? How quickly are analytics being adopted at the college level? Who is leading? What are they doing with statistical, geospatial, and machine learning techniques?
  • At the collegiate level, how can other parts of the university—such as the business school or statistics or computer science departments—collaborate with sports programs to provide analytics for teams? What projects are underway to do “Moneyball on Campus?”

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