TDWI Anaheim Conference

MK Best Practices Award Ceremony and Keynote // Engaging Customers the Disney Way! A Best Practice Chat

August 7, 2017

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Prerequisite: None

These days most companies have marketing analytics, and the customer data that supports it. They’ve developed journey maps; they’ve created dedicated data teams; and executives are emphasizing the importance of becoming data driven. But no brand is more implicitly linked to experience than Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

In this keynote conversation, SAS executive and long-time TDWI faculty member Jill Dyché sits down with Disney’s Chris Taylor. Chris, Director of Customer Engagement Platform—Delivery, is one of the thought leaders behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ current data ecosystem, which integrates and leverages data from a multitude of digital and physical sources within Disney properties. In managing the customer’s journey from pre-arrival to post-experience, Chris is intimate with the data and analytics skills necessary to delight Disney guests and keep them coming back. Jill and Chris will discuss what it takes to keep guest experiences fresh, the role of data (from a multitude of sources!) in understanding guest preferences, and why analytics matters more than ever. Come and hear how Disney upholds its reputation as the happiest place on earth!

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